medicare open enrollment

Below is link to an entry from from November 15th in regard to Medicare Open Enrollment.  Now is the time make changes to your Medicare plan.  There have been some changes within Medicare you’ll want to be aware of going into 2011.  It is our goal to provide you with information and service as you go through this process.

Article: “medicare news: open enrollment begins today” (11/15/10)
See our post about medicare open enrollment scams as well.

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get out and vote

Many Americans take our voice for granted.  How many sacrificed their lives so that we could have the privilege of voting.  The least WE can do is sacrifice a few minutes to vote.

At HybridCare, we encourage the people we serve to get out and vote.  Engage in one of the most magnificent political processes in the world.

What is your number one issue this election cycle?